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Trike builders always face the same questions. What am I gonna sit on? What kind of fenders will work with
this thing? Where am I going to put my jacket when it gets hot? How will I keep "The Boss" comfortable?

In the past, we've always had pretty much the same options. We would either scrounge around looking for things
to bolt to our frames, or buy one of the same fiberglass trike bodies that have been sold for the last thirty years.
Even then, you still have to bolt a box to the top of your ride to have a place to put your stuff.

That always bugged me. I began using type 3* and type 4 VW motors a long time ago so I could have more room
to put a box over the motor without having it stick a mile up in the air. So I designed this body with the type 3
motor in mind. It has the trunk built right in, so theirs nothing to bolt to the top of it. The lid also forms the top of
the passenger backrest, giving them the same comfortable, high seat back as the driver. Please note that these
bodies will also work just fine with a VW type 1* engine (minus the trunk insert).

Another thing I wanted to accomplish on this body was to give it curves, nothing but curves, so it would look organic
and alive, instead of looking like a bunch of flat panels taped together at the edges. It has some flat spots on the fenders
and back of the trunk for mounting taillights, but that's about it.

*Type 1 refers to the type of engine found in a VW Beetle. Type 3 refers to the type of engine found in a VW Squareback.
These engines have nearly identical engine blocks, but are different in the type of cooling metal attached to them and a few other differences in layout.
The type 3 ends up flatter and lower. While the type 1 is more common, I feel the type 3 has some spatial advantages.
Customers have used both kinds, so no need to worry.

body 3body 5body 6
body 7body 8body 9


Here, the body is pictured with the trunk insert (included) for a VW type 3 setup.
I haven't figured the cubic footage yet, but you can stuff a lot of camping gear in there!


To demonstrate how the body looks with a VW type 1 engine, 
I bought a fan housing and generator stand to put on my type 3 to simulate how a type 1
would fit. As you can see, the motor is actually lower than the level of the trunk opening.
The lid in this case gives easy access to the engine. Since the body is shipped with the trunk floor
installed, you'll be trimming out a portion of the floor to accommodate your type 1 engine.

t1t1 back

The picture below shows an un-painted body with an un-upholstered seat pan on it. The seat pan gets upholstered separately, and fastens to the body.

body with seat panbody with seat

The price of the trike body, including crating, is $875.
(Local pick-up in Eugene is $650)
The seat pans are $125 and can be shipped with your body.

If you're a trike vendor, you can get these cheaper by ordering more than one at a time. Email me for a quote.

Don't forget, that includes a large built-in trunk (hinges, lock, and seal are included).

You can place an order or ask questions by using the email address below.
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